About Us

Dufus Denim Duds is a home-based company located in historic Marion, VA.  A small town in Southwest Virginia.

The owner Joyce, and her son Gunnar, had visions of this over 30 years ago, which is where its name came about “Dufus Denim Duds”.  Dufus was a nickname her son was called throughout high school.

He designed the labels for the garments as well as the logo for the business many years ago.  Her Son passed away in 2012 and she has become more determined than ever to make a go of the business.

Each garment and accessory is designed and sewn by her with passion, integrity, and handmade quality, stitched with pride.  We strive to only get better, so if there is anything you don’t see that we can possibly make please feel free to contact us.

We are proof that dreams can come true.

Enjoy our shop.